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What An FTR (The Revival) Return To WWE Could Look Like

Dax Harwood recently opened up about FTR’s future after their AEW contracts expire, and one can’t help but wonder what a return to WWE would look like for them. It’s been reported that the Top Guys believe their deals expire in the spring of 2023, leaving the door open for them to do whatever they want. Harwood expressed a desire to take a year away from larger promotions, taking on a tour of the indies while working matches that make FTR happy. That’s certainly a right they’ve earned, but it stands to reason that Triple H would, at the very least, kick tires with the tag team that went by the name The Revival in WWE.


Keep in mind this is one part fantasy booking and one part speculation. FTR has not been directly connected to Triple H or WWE, but Tony Khan was pretty fired up over the summer about WWE tampering with his talent. Given that The Revival is one of the most significant missed opportunities in terms of NXT call-ups to the main roster, it seems like a safe guess that The Game would take a do-over. After all, this isn’t the same company that Dax and Cash departed from in April 2020. With Triple H in charge, Raw and SmackDown are much more wrestling-centric, with a renewed focus on storytelling and serious matches.

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Why Would FTR Want To Return To WWE?

Unlike Cody Rhodes, the allure of winning gold in WWE probably wouldn’t be a draw for FTR. They’ve been tag champions in NXT and on Raw and SmackDown during their time with the company. They’re one of the most decorated tag teams in professional wrestling history at this juncture. Ironically, the tag titles that might end up eluding them are the AEW tag-team titles. Every other company in North America seems to know the worth of FTR, two humans who genuinely love pro wrestling and have gotten over organically in All Elite Wrestling.

The draw could be that the last time WWE audiences saw The Revival, they were treated mainly as a comedy act. Dax and Cash weren’t allowed to be the serious competitors that fans now see in AEW and ROH and were familiar with in NXT. Their feud with The New Day was particularly tough to stomach, as they were subjected to all sorts of cringe-worthy Vince McMahon-style humor. He’s out of the picture now, and FTR has a considerably better history with Triple H and his booking style. If there’s one primary reason they could consider a WWE comeback plausible, showing a major national television audience what they’re capable of might be a driving force. Dax’s stated desire is to work smaller shows, but that could all change with one phone call from The Game.

FTR Would Be Massive Boost To WWE’s Tag Division

Triple H has done his best to mold WWE in his image since taking over in July. Most singles matches feel like they have stakes, the women’s division is bursting at the seams with fresh talent, and the top of the card for both brands is in great shape. The tag-team division needs to catch up just a bit, primarily due to a lack of new duos and matchups. The Usos have been tremendous while working with The Bloodline and probably don’t receive the credit they deserve for how outstanding they are. They can’t feud with The Brawling Brutes forever, though.

With The OC and Judgment Day bogged down in a feud on Raw and The New Day needing rebuilding, The Usos are running out of contenders for their championship titles. Matches against makeshift teams like Matt Riddle and Elias are fun and generally produce high-end wrestling, but those are short-term solutions for WWE. Adding FTR back into the fold as The Revival, or perhaps even as a repackaged tandem, would be a monster boost for the tag division. Reporting indicates that WWE has a pretty good idea about how The Bloodline saga will unfold between now and WrestleMania 39. Which just so happens to fall on April 1 and 2—or when Dax believes FTR will become free agents.

It’s tough not to get excited about fantasy booking at that point. Imagine it: The Usos open the Raw after WrestleMania after narrowly defeating a team of Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. They talk about how they’ve been champions for longer than anyone and lament that there’s no team left in WWE for them to compete against now. That’s when “say yeah” booms over the speakers, signaling that The Revival is back in town and ready for a fight. The Usos Vs. The Revival would immediately become one of the top feuds for WWE over the next several months. Plus, it’d make some sense for FTR to be the ones to take the titles off of Jimmy and Jey Uso. Like Rhodes, they used their time outside WWE to boost their stock to new and unforeseen heights. Now they could return for a triumphant victory lap in the big leagues. Or they can actually go through with Dax’s plan to tour smaller, more intimate shows, which would be a blast too. One thing is clear: AEW will likely lose their top tag team next year after dropping the ball with them in a big way in 2022. Oh well, at least fans can look forward to four more matches of The Elite and Death Triangle in the coming weeks after watching it three times since Full Gear.

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