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ROGUE ONE Writers Had a Cool Idea For a STAR WARS TV Series That Never Went Anywhere — GeekTyrant

I have no idea if this film was actually ever pitched to Lucasfilm, but if it hasn’t been pitched, it’s not too late! If it was pitched and denied, that would have been a bloody shame. This is just such a great concept, one that would make a great series, and a show like Andor could help pave the way for it to happen.

There are so many layers to a story like this, and like Andor, it would be more focused on the people on the ground, people that face difficult challenges, hard choices, and ethical dilemmas. I just like the concept of a talented badass crew of Rebels hunting down Empire scum that are trying to escape the consequences for what they’ve done.

What do you think about this take on a Star Wars series?




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