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New DARKLAND Comic From Evan Shapiro Is GAME OF THRONES Meets VEEP — GeekTyrant

Macroverse is getting ready to release a new comic series by Evan Shapiro, Darkland. This twisted dark comedic drama set in Hell will release the first full episode on December 6 with four new chapters being released bi weekly starting on December 11 with a subscription to Macroverse or for free on Webtoons where content will be released every Tuesday.

Shapiro describes Darkland as, “… the look of Game Of Thrones, and the voice of Veep… …Frank Calico’s artwork captures the tone 1000%, and Macroverse is the perfect platform to create a community for a new generation of comics.” Here’s the official synopsis:

Satan III is the ruler of Tyre (aka Hell) where his grandfather Satan I was killed trying to defeat Michael and the Archangels in a war for control of Earth. His son, the quite mad Satan II, was killed by his cousin in a battle for control of Tyre. And that is where our story begins. Satan III is embarking on a dangerous mission to take control of Earth from the Humans. Meanwhile, his cousin Samjaza has other plans – aligning with other Angels and Satan’s wife Zagiel, to take on a distracted Satan III and gain control of Tyre for herself and her Watchers. The Seven Princes of Hell and the rest of the Archangels play numerous games of multi-dimensional palace intrigue, and speed rounds of biblical espionage – all while cutting off heads, eating Humans for lunch, and finding time to quench their some truly disturbing appetites (being near deities does have perks). 

It definitely sounds dramatic, I’ll be interested to see how the humor comes through. Something about the description actually reminds me a lot of Good Omens. Shapiro has a long list of impressive credits to his name including Portlandia and HarmonQuest, so this new comic could be worth checking out. 




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