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Kevin McCarthy Could Get Kicked To The Curb If He Cuts Debt Limit Deal With Biden

House Republicans are warning that any watered-down debt limit deal could collapse the GOP majority, which would make it certain that somebody would try to remove Speaker Kevin McCarthy.


Freedom Caucus member Rep. Bob Good (R-VA) had this reaction when asked by CNN’s Manu Raju about a possible debt limit deal, ” If that were true, that would absolutely collapse the Republican majority for this debt ceiling increase.”

Raju asked how many Republicans would vote against it?

Good answered, “I don’t want to make predictions because I haven’t seen — I’ve just heard rumors that there may be a deal that would be less than desirable to the majority of Republicans.”

Biden has pretty much put the clamps on McCarthy by including provisions that would raise the debt limit through the 2024 election and prevent government shutdowns through next year. 

The truth is that McCarthy doesn’t have the votes from his own House Republican caucus to pass the spending cuts that he is demanding from President Biden.

Kevin McCarthy is in a weak position. Depending on what poll is released on any given day, Republicans are going to be blamed if the nation defaults.

If McCarthy cuts a deal and has to rely on House Democrats to get it over the finish line, it is almost certain that anger with the speaker on the far right will be so intense that at least one member will file a motion to vacate and try to boot McCarthy from power.

Kevin McCarthy’s choices seem to be to either make a deal and lose his job or don’t make a deal and blow up the US economy.

There is a good chance that no matter how this turns out Kevin McCarthy could end up out of a job and on his way out of Congress.





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