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James Gunn Needs to End One DC Habit Immediately

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Warning: the following article contains spoilers for The Flash

Whether you love or hate James Gunn and the decisions he’s made thus far in revamping DC’s big screen efforts, there’s one thing that you can’t help but admire about the man – he sure spends a big chunk of time chatting with fans on Twitter, drip-feeding nuggets of knowledge about his projects, and debunking outlandish rumors. 
Gunn may have dialed it back on the latter point in his social media schedule, and fair enough – let the fans theory-craft and speculate, it’s more fun that way. However, while he’s trimming away some DC-related social media habits, he should probably nip a more pesky character trait that the studio’s social channels have developed of late in the bud – outright spoiling big moments in upcoming releases. The following tweet attempted to bring this to the attention of Gunn, and unfortunately – he is yet to respond. 

Before you read on – it’s probably worth repeating that we’ll be going over those spoilers in the next paragraph, including one from yet-to-be-released The Flash, so proceed with caution, or avert your eyes. 

All three of the studio’s latest releases, Black Adam, Shazam! Fury of the Gods, and now The Flash have had significant plot points spoiled in their various marketing materials. First it was a “clever” text thread between Black Adam and Superman which gave away Black Adam’s post-credits scene. Then it was an ill-advised TV spot which casually revealed that Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman will appear in the Shazam! sequel.
Now The Flash’s own director, Andy Muschetti, casually decided to drop the bombshell revelation that Nicolas Cage will have a cameo in the film as Superman. If these silly reveals ahead of DC releases are half-baked marketing strategies in the pursuit of getting cinemagoers out of the house and buying tickets, then please, Mr. Gunn — make it stop. We hate it. 

The Flash will be zooming into theaters in just a few short weeks, arriving on June 16. 

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