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Interview: Abhishek Bachchan (Breathe: Into the Shadows)

Once upon a time , Baddy often used to get accused of overly supporting Jr. Bachchan and his movies ,
One guy in this blog used to say that since Abhishek is Amitabh’s son and Baddy is a Big B fan , he is just favoring him or something like that and another one even said that Big B was paying Baddy secretly , so that he won’t write negative reviews for Abhishek’s movies!!

If Baddy was really getting paychecks for every Abhishek movie , then he would have owned a separate villa at the centre of Mumbai City and would have become a cheesy kolla koota motta boss like the 80s thagadu thagadu Sathyaraj now.

P.S : I got introduced to Baddy via The Hindu in 2012 and I knew he has a blog in late 2016…

I used to read all his older posts and see the comments below.

That’s how I know all this Bachchan bias stuff..





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