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I’m a female electrician – I get disgusting DMs from trolls but I don’t care I love my job

AN IMPATIENT female electrician has slammed disgusting trolls for sliding into her DMs when she posts about her job.

Elise Walter, who works as an apprentice on the national rail system, shared some gross messages from her admirers, but they won’t bring her down.


A female electrician has shared some disgusting comments she gets from online trollsCredit: TikTok/EliseWalter3
Elise Walter said the comments were gross, but they won't bring her down3

Elise Walter said the comments were gross, but they won’t bring her downCredit: TikTok/EliseWalter3
Commenters encouraged her to keep posting her work and said they found it interesting


Commenters encouraged her to keep posting her work and said they found it interestingCredit: TikTok/elisewalter3

The blue-collar belle regularly posts about her work as a hopeful electrician, and tons of viewers find it incredibly interesting.

However, something the comments can go too far.

In the video highlighting the desperate DMs, she showed how some followers want more than a behind-the-scenes look at splicing wires.

One fan messaged her multiple times, begging to take the TikToker out despite never getting a reply.

Others continued to respond to her Instagram stories with expectant emojis that indicate they don’t want to just be friends.

Another follower commented “sexy” and “wow” at her behind the scene footage working on the railroad.

“Why you not answering… I will not eat you,” someone else commented to unsurprising silence.

Unfortunately according to her caption, all of these weren’t even the worst of the comments she’s received.

“Disgusting behaviour,” she captioned the post.

Luckily, there were some good eggs in her over 26,000 followers on TikTok who commented some encouragement to fight back the thirstiness.

One person told her, “You make me happy” because they too were working as an electrical apprentice.

“They need to grow up,” another enraged fan said.

A third person commented: “wow…. that’s proper creepy.”

“The first bloke weren’t weird was he?” one curious fan said, referencing a user who continually asked her out on a date.

But the female electrician countered, “Well not as weird as the rest no but I get this sort of stuff all the time and it’s not tinder… it’s insta.”

Despite the hate, she continues to advocate for the job and post her behind the scenes footage.

Elise also boasts 69,000 followers on her Instagram and actively encourages other women to get into the traditionally male dominated industry.  

Writing in a post in May she said: “I’m over the moon with the support and kindness my colleagues have shown me.

“If any girls do come across this post, If you’re considering a trade, GO FOR IT! Do not listen to any negativity!

“Believe in yourself and if you need any advice, just message me! I’ll support each one of you! I’m seeing more and more girls coming into the trade.

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“I was so close to giving up on my electrical journey many times but I’ve kept pushing and honestly, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.”




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