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I’m a female drag racer – men say I’m ‘perfect’ and I ‘know it,’ I’m just living life full throttle

A WOMAN has taken men on at their own game and made a move onto the grid for competitive drag racing.

But this isn’t her first foray into a high-speed sport.


TikToker Mrs. Swoop is a drag car racerCredit: TikTok @mrsswoop_official
Previously she was a powerboat racer4

Previously she was a powerboat racerCredit: TikTok @mrsswoop_official

Summer Richardson, known as Mrs. Swoop (@mrsswoop_official) on her TikTok, has a previous form on the water.

This speed freak is five times solo female powerboat driver and only switched to racing on asphalt four years ago.

Drag racing is an adrenalin-filled sport and is not for the faint-hearted, but Summer is as cool as a pussy cat.

In a recent post, she showed her viewers what she did to get ready for a race on the dragster strip.

The insight into the life of a drag racer included what she wore behind the wheel, and this included head-to-toe safety gear.

Once she was ready, she was filmed approaching her vehicle, with its monster engine on the back, and she slipped into the tiny driver’s space.

It was a tight fit, but she looked completely at ease.

As owner and fuel driver for Swoop Motorsports, she has gained over 44,000 fans, who follow her progress in drag sports.

Comments to her post were in awe of this gutsy woman, a rarity in the sport.

“Now this is a beautiful bad*ss woman. Be safe beautiful,” was the view of several fans.

Another was smitten: “Sexy even before I saw the car now even more. I love women’s motorsports. Congratulations. Hope you do great.”

“This is awesome watching women excel in racing,” was the enlightened view of this follower.

“Well now that’s some good-looking racing,” said this viewer.

But she so thrilled one follower, that he was moved to make a declaration: “So beautiful, I’m I love.”

She wore full safely gear


She wore full safely gearCredit: TikTok @mrsswoop_official
The cockpit was a tight fit


The cockpit was a tight fitCredit: TikTok @mrsswoop_official




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