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I’m a bouncy gym girl who works at Hooters – my top workout tips will get you get a ripped, calender-ready body

A HOOTERS girl has revealed the workout tips that got her an epic calendar-ready figure.

Gorgeous model Aly Vargas shares clips of her workouts and lifestyle as the celebrated 2023 Miss Hooters Louisiana.


Aly Vargas is Hooters Miss July 2023 in their upcoming calendarCredit: Instagram
Vargas does twice daily workouts sometimes just to keep her tight, fit figure2

Vargas does twice daily workouts sometimes just to keep her tight, fit figureCredit: Instagram

Vargas is featured as the restaurant’s Miss July in their 2023 calendar, according to her post.

She is also constantly in the gym doing workouts to keep herself shredded.

On her Instagram Story, Vargas shared just how she stays so supremely fit.

Vargas starts with a combined weight of 115 pounds stacked onto a barbell, recommending four sets of fifteen squats.

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One of her secrets is that she is willing to do more than one gym session a day.

“Cardio and core this am,” she said in her story. “And legs tonight.”

The video showcases her doing leg lifts with weights piled on both ends of the machine.

For a good home workout, you can hold a 12, 16, or 24-pack of sodas or beers and do lunges, which works like a weight.

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Vargas swears by leg workouts, toning, and strengthening some of the largest and strongest muscles in the body.

When it comes to lower reps and sets, she squats up to 225 pounds.

In a lighter-weight class, doing higher reps and more sets, she lifts 185 pounds.

She is also happy to take in pre-workout, protein powder, and supplements to aid in the restoration of her muscles and peak nutrient balance.


To work her shoulders, Vargas pumps iron in three different directions.

From the bottom, she pulls a bar weight that has bells stacked on each end, like starting a lawnmower with both arms.

Rotating her forearms toward and away from her body, Vargas uses a pair of dumbbells.

In an upward sweeping motion, like lifting a heavy object from the bottom, Vargas uses one long barbell once again.

On back day, Vargas bends over at the waist, just about in half, and rests her head on a bench while she opens her arms like wings, weights in each hand.

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While her partner appears in her video, doing pushups above her in one.

He can be seen kissing her on alternating cheeks during the adorable exercise routine for couples.




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