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I’m a bodybuilder in my 80s – I retired from sport aged 35 but came back when my wife got sick, now nothing will stop me

A MOTIVATED bodybuilder revealed what got him back into competing at an older age.

Toshisuke Kanazawa, 86, has been competing since he was 20 years old and called it quits by age 34 – but became re-inspired by his wife who was having health issues.


Toshisuke Kanazawa, 86, has been competing in bodybuilding competitions since he was 20 years oldCredit: Instagram / @toshisuke.kanazawa

Kanazawa is good at what he does too; He recently competed in the Japan bodybuilding championship as the oldest person ever to do so and also beat his record for the same title from the year before.

He has been a Japan champion a total of 15 times during his overall career.

However, the bodybuilder restarted his career at age 50 to help encourage his wife’s health because she loved watching him compete and win, per My Modern Met.

Kanazawa explained that his bodybuilding is what would make her the happiest and would help with keeping her in a healthy state.

To prepare for the next chapter of bodybuilding, Kanazawa added that he had to resume training by spending three hours a day at the gym and got on a strict diet of rice, fermented soya beans, and miso soup with eggs.

The bodybuilder also has no plans to retire any time soon and hopes to continue with a successful career for at least another four years.

But he does want to stay healthy up until he is 100 years old.

“I hope I can reach the hearts of others when they see me take on a challenge even in old age,” Kanazawa said.

 “I’m still not anywhere near the finish line. It’s important to keep setting goals and taking on challenges no matter how old you are.”

“I’d like to set myself as an example to other grandpas and grandmas in the world by living healthy until 100.”

Another bodybuilder who won a Mr. Olympia award in 2022 explained his story of how far he has come compared to when he used to feel uncomfortable taking his shirt off in public.

A female bodybuilder also described her story of how she earned the nickname “The Golden Panther.”

He said he hopes to live to be 100 to be an example for other elderly people


He said he hopes to live to be 100 to be an example for other elderly peopleCredit: Instagram / @toshisuke.kanazawa




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