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I made my own Christmas door – it was easy, only cost £12 & looks just as good as the pro ones

A WOMAN has shared how she made her very own Christmas-themed door that wouldn’t look out of place next to the professional ones on Instagram.

However, hers was quick and easy to do, and only cost £12 in total as it’s made using chicken wire. 


Shelley used chicken wire to create her Christmas masterpieceCredit: Not known, clear with picture desk

TikTok user Shelley, who runs an account dedicated to her new build home and DIY home renovations, took to the social media site to show off her latest creation.

Shelley, whose profile is @happy.newbuildhomemaking, explained how she had decided to invest in some chicken wire from her local DIY store.

She bought 10 metres for just £12 and it went a long way, as she showed how it was done. 

Shelley explained: “Chicken wire is cheap and really easy to use.

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“Using chicken wire, I’m going to make one of those really fancy TikTok and Instagram doors.

“I wrapped the chicken wire around the [front door] post and secured it together using wire.

“Using a second piece we made a tube and attached it underneath the guttering using cable ties.

She then showed how she’d done it on her own home, once again using the 10 metre chicken wire.

Once it was secured using the same process, Shelley collected cuttings from fir trees and started to decorate.

She continued: “Using cuttings from local fir trees around the neighbourhood, we filled up the frame.”

The video then cut to the finished look as Shelley showed how she’d then put fairy lights around her DIY garland.

She also added minimal Christmas tree decorations to make sure it stood out on the street.

And she said she couldn’t have been happier with how it turned out.

Shelley wrote alongside the grand reveal: “More gorgeous Christmas front door display – this time at my house!” 

The keen crafter continued: “Look what we created, using icicle lights and minimal decorations.

“I’m so, so happy – I just can’t believe how straight forward this all was.”

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Shelley’s followers were certainly impressed with her efforts too.

Not only did lots of people comment, but thousands of social media users also liked both videos. 

She was thrilled with the end result


She was thrilled with the end resultCredit: Not known, clear with picture desk




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