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I have a 36F chest – my favorite brand of bras uses no underwire, wearing them feels like I have nothing on

A LARGE-CHESTED woman has revealed her favorite brand of bras.

She says wearing them feels like she has nothing on because there’s no underwire.


Lexi, a 36F-cup influencer, shared her favorite bra brandCredit: TikTok/the_lexi_monroe

Lexi (@the_lexi_monroe) shared the try-on video with over 160,000 TikTok followers.

Forlest where have you been all my life?” she asked.

“I have tried so many different designer brands for my 36F chest and nothing compares to these,” she said.

The influencer raved about the bra’s thick straps, no underwire, and no digging.

She modeled three colors of the bra, black, cream, and green, on her own chest.

“They use jelly gel technology for support and it feels like I have nothing on,” she said.

“Ladies listen, if you are tired of underwire digging in and your bra creating backfat that we know wasn’t there… GET ONE OF THESE!”

People took to the comments to share their thoughts.

“I think I need to try this, I have knockas!” said one commenter.

“Loving the black one! So cute, like green also for the win,” said another.

“That’s nice. It looks comfy. Nothing like a comfortable bra,” said a third.

“OMG!! Those look amazing!! I can never find bras for my 38H chest!” said a fourth

She raved about the bra's lack of underwire, making it feel like she has 'nothing on'


She raved about the bra’s lack of underwire, making it feel like she has ‘nothing on’Credit: TikTok/the_lexi_monroe




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