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Food fortification to tackle malnutrition


Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) Minister for Food and Irrigation, Fazal Elahi, has emphasized that the elimination of malnutrition through food systems is a top priority for the government. Efforts are being made to sustain this priority using all available resources.

During a provincial workshop organized by Nutrition International on institutionalizing mandatory edible oil fortification in Pakistan, in collaboration with K-P Food Safety and Halal Food Authority, Health Department, and Pakistan Vanaspati Manufacturers Association, Elahi expressed his views.

He mentioned that the provincial government has made it mandatory to fortify edible oil and wheat flour with essential nutrients, and the government has passed the Food Fortification Bill to support this initiative.

Elahi extended that the bill would contribute directly to the improvement of the nutritional status of people.

Elahi further urged the flour and oil industry to come forward and find ways to overcome malnutrition, and the provincial government would extend its support for further legislation in the best public interest.

At the end of the workshop, Elahi thanked the participants for their time and interest in the workshop and appreciated the efforts of Nutrition International and its contribution towards edible oil fortification.

The Secretary Food, Abid Wazir, stressed the need to address malnutrition and mentioned food fortification as one of the most effective interventions, including oil and wheat flour fortification, as these commodities are widely used.

Dr Fazal Majeed, Director Nutrition, also shared his thoughts about malnutrition and requested stakeholders to play their role in addressing this situation across the country, particularly in the province.

Dr Abdul Sattar Shah, Director Technical, Food Authority, appreciated the role of Nutrition International in implementing edible oil fortification.




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