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Doctor reveals last-minute technique that can bring you back to life AFTER you’re clinically dead

A DOCTOR has revealed the last-minute strategy that could bring you back to life after you’re clinically dead.

Plunging a person into a freezing environment could delay the process, giving medics more time to resuscitate them.


Cooling down a person could delay the process of dyingCredit: Getty

So, how does it work?

When a person is close to death, there are two stages they undergo, Dr Zachary Palace, medical director of the Hebrew Home at Riverdale in New York, told Everyday Health.

First, the body experiences what is known as clinical death – where the heart stops beating, starving the body of blood and oxygen.

Around 6 minutes later, the biological death stage takes place.

Brit mum, 48, left fighting for life in lightning strike in Croatia pictured
I died and came back to life, 'heaven' was incredible I can't wait to go back

This is when brain cells start to die too.

But after the first stage, just because someone’s heart has stopped beating, doesn’t mean all hope is lost.

Doctors might be able to resuscitate the body during the clinical death stage – and they have come up with clever ways to give them more time to do this.

In fact, life after death has been “confirmed” by experts who say consciousness continues even once a person’s heart has stopped beating.

A study even shows people continue experiencing awareness for up to three minutes after death.

Dr Palace revealed plunging a person into a freezing environment could delay biological death.

He explained: “The colder the body is, the slower the metabolic rate, so you’re using oxygen up slower and that window may be longer.”

It means that by cooling down the person, there’s more time for doctors to try everything they can to bring them back to life.

Scientists have been studying life after death for years.

And it’s certainly not the first time doctors and patients alike have shared stories about things they learnt through near death experiences (NDEs).

One doctor who studies NDEs has even revealed what actually happens when you’re dying and how you might feel.

Meanwhile, a neurosurgeon shared his wild story after he claims to have experienced the afterlife during a seven-day coma.




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