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Boehner Capitol Visit Spins Swirling Vortex of Rumors

During the last two years, we’ve all learned that the Constitution doesn’t specifically require that the Speaker of the House be a member of the House. When it comes to votes for Speaker, the Republicans will – at most – have a five-vote majority, more likely four. When one considers the current House GOP, the idea of a universal agreement is hard to envision. So what if Democrats offered up John Boehner, trying to attract twenty to thirty Republicans who aren’t interested in having to please Marjorie Taylor-Greene? That is the speculation swirling on the net after Boehner visited the Capitol last night and did not answer a question as to why he was there.

So, whatever Boehner might say could cause “trouble” of some type? If Boehner was there to give some experienced advice to scrambling party leadership, he probably could have said something to deflect the rumors that he had to know would fly like bats out of the Capitol Cave. But he did not.

So fly they did:

If the Democrats put up John Boehner and continually voted as a solid block, with the Republicans hopelessly fractured, it is possible that ten to twenty Republicans could be persuaded to vote for an “experienced Republican.”

John Boehner is certainly not your MAGA Republican. This is a man who used to golf with Barack Obama. While many Republican voters seethed over Obama being in the White House, Boehner noted that they had a good personal relationship. Perhaps that is why Democrats might put him up as Speaker, Boehner doesn’t viscerally hate Democrats, but he does hate Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.

Will it happen? Probably not. But John Boehner was doing something in the Capitol last night, and he wasn’t taking a tour.





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