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Batgirl Directors Would Work With Warner Bros. Again

Directors Bilall Fallah and Adil El Arbi were set to release Batgirl prior to the film’s cancellation, but despite the abrupt dropping of the film, the pair said they would consider working with Warner Bros. Discovery again in the future.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the pair of directors lamented over the fact that the film was canceled, but did say that the amount of support they received was “unbelievable.”

“You’ve got to imagine, we’re two fanboys, and for one second we were in the Batman universe, following in the footsteps of Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan, and then it was just like we woke up and it was a dream,” said Arbi.

“It was unbelievable how much support we got,” Fallah said, while noting that other filmmakers like James Gunn and Edgar Wright reached out, as did Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige. “There was so much support from people in the industry, it felt like all the artists were supporting us, and that’s a great feeling, because you feel like you’re not alone.”

The pair also talked about how, despite not releasing the film, they’ve still become part of superhero movie history in a way. “This is something that never happened before, so we’ve kind of become part of movie history without even trying!” Arbi said.

Finally, when asked if the pair would ever work with Warner Bros. Discovery again, they said they would, so long as the movie actually came out this time.

“Yeah, we’d still work with them,” said Fallah. “But on the condition that the movie comes out. I mean, if Warner says, ‘Do you want to do the next Batman or Superman?’ of course, we’ll say yes. Just so long as the movie comes out!”

Batgirl was set to star Leslie Grace (In the Heights) in the role of Barbara Gordon, the daughter of Gotham City police commissioner James Gordon. The hero was first seen in the 1967 Batman series with the late Yvonne Craig playing Barbara. Her first comic book appearance was in Detective Comics #357 by writer Gardner Fox and artist Carmine Infantino.




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