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Achyut Vinayak’s ‘Thrishanku’, with Anna Ben and Arjun Ashokan, has a super premise, but it’s content to remain a pleasant watch instead of the all-out riot it could have become

Spoilers ahead…

For about a half-hour, I was in comedy heaven. But these situations are not pushed enough. They are not milked enough for jokes. After a point, the writing becomes super-convenient.

In her first film, Kumbalangi Nights, Anna Ben was stuck with a psychotic brother-in-law. Since then, she has been thrown into a freezer in Helen. She has been almost cheated on in Kappela. She has had to deal with an unwanted pregnancy in Sara’s. She has fought fake journalism in Naradan. She was a murder suspect in Night Drive. And in Kaapa, her name was listed in the Kerala Anti-Social Activities Prevention Act. After all this cinematic trauma, you can only imagine the tears of joy that coursed down Anna Ben’s face when Achyut Vinayak approached her to act in Thrishanku, where she just has to be a part of some silly scenarios. She plays Megha, a Christian in love with Sethu (Arjun Ashokan). And despite a shadow of cinematic trauma in the form of an overbearing father who thinks he knows what’s best for his daughter, Megha’s story arc places her mostly in Priyadarshan-esque situations. 

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