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30 meaningful gift ideas for mums expecting their second baby (and beyond) – Newborn Baby

If you know a mum who is getting ready to welcome their second, third or even eighth baby, they’re probably pretty much sorted for all things parenting and babies, making it seem almost impossible to come up with gift ideas.

It’s not her first rodeo and she doesn’t need a whole lot of clutter in her life right now. What she needs is practical gifts, support, and things that are meaningful that she’ll actually use.

We put the word out to the lovely mums in our Facebook community for useful gift ideas, and they came up with this incredible list from what they’ve received or given.

30 meaningful gift ideas for mums expecting their second baby (and beyond)

  1. Newborn/baby photo shoot, or you could visit and take photos of the family and print them for her. There are never enough photos with mum in them!
  2. Do a cast of bub’s hand- or footprint.
  3. Order a custom outline sketch of the baby at birth.
  4. Order her home-delivered cooked meals for the first week or two.
  5. New pyjamas, nightie, slippers, or robe for the mother.
  6. A baby towel with their name embroidered on it.
  7. A gift certificate for a day spa treatment.
  8. Gift basket full of nice pampering self-care products.
  9. A hamper of fresh fruit and snacks.
  10. A voucher for a hair wash and blow dry.
  11. Just be there for her! Go to her and help with washing, meals, and older kids.
  12. Book a cleaner to come when she’s ready for visitors.
  13. Drop off a few nourishing meals for the whole family.
  14. Magazine subscription, audiobook or TV streaming service (for example, Disney, for the older children).
  15. Take the older children for a fun day out so she can bond with her baby.
  16. A custom keepsake for the baby with their name on it.
  17. A good quality teddy or comforter for when they’re a bit older (remember to also get a backup!)
  18. Busy new mumma survival kit that includes breast gel, nipple cream, tea, dry shampoo, facial wipes, panadol etc.
  19. Nappies and wipes are always appreciated and in-demand.
  20. Postpartum recovery kit (once you know what kind of birth she had) with items such as a peri bottle, postpartum mesh knickers, padsicles, Witch Hazel lotion/spray, maternity pads, breast pads, recovery tights.
  21. Her favourite chocolate or sweets.
  22. Coffee card gift voucher at her local cafe.
  23. An underwear voucher so she can buy some nice new bras and knickers after wearing pregnancy underwear for so long.
  24. A good water bottle or fancy new teacup.
  25. A baby book, memory box, or milestone cards.
  26. Lactation cookies or some yummy homemade biscuits.
  27. Gifts for the older children to make them feel special too, preferably something that keeps them busy but isn’t messy, like stickers, puzzles, Duplo, and colouring books.
  28. A nourishing hand cream and lip balm.
  29. Compile a list of entertaining or uplifting podcasts for her.
  30. Take her car and fill it up with petrol and get it cleaned.




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